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We are no longer providing a postal address.  Our corporation is now fully virtual and we accept inquiries by email and payments by credit card or Paypal.

EMail - Unfortunately in today's world you simply can not list an email address online without some company finding it and spamming.  So, to contact us, simply combine the support email parts to form our email address @ our online website quickreckoning including the .com portion.  
Our support email address is contained in the paragraph above in bold italics and colored blue.  Combine the 4 items with no spaces between them to contact us via email for questions or problems with any of our software products.  Always let us know which product you are using.  

If this is still confusing, then consider this example.  The email address is in italics, with a blue color as follows: find the example of the email address @ our web site which is quickreckoning and don't forget the .com portion.  

As this sample paragraph shows, you simply put together all the text in blue italics to form the email address: example@quickreckoning.com 

This is an example, and since we just listed it, a bunch of spam websites will find it and attempt to use it as a real email address.  Now that you can understand clearly what we are doing, go back to the paragraph above which begins with "EMail" and create our contact address and make a note of it.

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