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Educational Software

QuickMathFacts (FREE for home use) is our flagship educational software offering.  Select the link above to read more about our Educational Software.

Industrial Software Products

Real-Time Simulation Executive System with Instructor/Maintenance GUI and all related Utility Software ("SIMEASE")

These software tools and products allow users to create remotely monitored Process Control and Data Acquisition systems.  Other applications allow for real-time simulation maintenance and testing.  Re-hosting products are also available for simulators using Gould or Encore computer platforms along with WinTel PC Platforms..

Legacy Real-Time Simulation FORTRAN Code converted to C -

FORTRAN to C Conversion Software for Legacy Real-Time Simulation Models.  This utility converted 100% the FORTRAN Model Code for a full scope Nuclear Power Plant Control Room simulation written in the late 1990s.  At present, based on our search of the current state of the art, FORTRAN is still being used but mostly due to its legacy nature, and not for any other reason.  Many of the facets of FORTRAN (like matrix arithmetic) are not used in these software programs, but even if they were, its not challenging to write C routines to replace them.  In our conversion system we did write a few "intrinsic FORTRAN functions" in C.  Click HERE for more information on "FtoCConvert", our FORTRAN to C conversion program.

Recreational Software (Handicapping Software)

Our QuickHorse and QuickDog products allow handicappers to quickly and easily download free data via the internet, then import that into a database system and finally to use the data to make their selections.

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