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"We are using Quick Math Facts Software more and more in our school and parents are interested in using it at home, as well." P.C. Teacher

"My 2nd grade son has been doing addition once everyday (1-10 up to 10s). He started with a time well over 12 minutes, and really had no clue when he got to the "hard" ones like 8+7, 7+6, etc. In just 5 or 6 sessions, his time is already down to about 6-1/2 minutes, and dropping every day. It's really been great for him. He's always been a strong reader, really a "freak" of sorts (read the first two Harry Potter books as a Kindergartner; and can spell virtually any word you give him), but he's never really been strong in math, or at least never had the confidence. But the Quick Math Facts Software has given him that. He's now excited to do it, and loves seeing the progress chart when we're through. Both of my older two kids (5th and 4th grader) are now at TRCS Charter School, and both of them are moving up a grade in math, in large part due to their simple math skills learned from Quick Math Facts Software. Thanks again." M.L., Dad

"I really like getting better and better QMF scores every time I use Quick Math Facts Software!  At first I was trying too hard to get every answer right, then I found out it was OK to go faster and make some mistakes, and the answers popped up so I learned them anyway!"  V.W., student

"My kids were so excited about using Quick Math Facts Software and improving their QMF scores that they would ask to do it even before school in the mornings!  They can see how it helps them do better at school too, especially in timed tests!"  M.G., Mom

"I have friends who send their kids to the Sylvan Learning Center to help them with math - turns out they use a similar software product for math fact practice, but I can use Quick Math Facts Software at home free because my kids' school has a license!"  B.F., Parent

"Seems like there are a lot of 5th graders who still struggle with math facts - my son wasn't the only one!  I'm glad I found Quick Math Facts Software to give him the boost he needed at home so he could do better in math at school also.  He's now raising his hand in class to answer math questions and that's giving him an all-around confidence boost!"  S.C., Parent

"I am SO CLOSE to getting silver on my addition chart for all the facts up to 9+9!  I really want to get faster so I can get the silver bar on my chart!"  D.W., a first grade student (age 6) using Quick Math Facts Software in a school enrichment class