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Automated web site protection, is it right for you and can you afford software which performs  automatic monitor of and protects your vital web site or web sites?  QuickWebSecure is FREE and can automatically protect as many web sites as you wish to!  Can it automatically monitor and protect your web site?  Try it and find out - it's absolutely FREE!.

Automated web site monitoring and protection is hard enough to find.  But Automated web site monitoring and protection that is affordable for most is nearly impossible to find.  Based on our search of the web, only one other product exists that can perform automated web site monitoring and web site repair in order to secure your web site data automatically in a similar fashion to QuickWebSecure (tm), and that product is "WebAgain" (tm).  Both products offer similar protection but since WebAgain (tm) is much more expensive ($995) to use, if you don't work for large company, your company might not feel like using it.

While it's true that your web site can be hacked, most web masters probably don't feel the threat from hackers is so pervasive that they are willing to spend $995 for the WebAgain (tm) program.  All that program does is maintain a pre-stored version of your web site and routinely compare it with what is on the web.  If files have been changed, the program simply replaces the changed file with one in the pre-stored version of your web site.  The effect is simply to make sure that if your site is hacked, then it is immediately returned to its original state.  This process serves to discourage hackers, and they move on.  It's a good idea as far as sustaining your web site security automatically, but you have to pay a lot of many, and you can only legally automatically protect a single web site from hackers!

QuickWebSecure (tm) does exactly what WebAgain (tm) does, but you can protect as apply this form of automated web site protection to as many web sites as you wish, as long as you own those sites.  QuickWebSecure (tm) checks for changes on your web site, and if changes are detected, the pre stored site is used to update your web presence, thus retarding efforts of hackers.  Rather than $995, QuickWebSecure (tm) is FREE!  So you never pay more for updated versions of the software, no matter how many features are added.  Plus, we will maintain a forum for users so that new features can be discussed, and then added to QuickWebSecure (tm).

Has QuickWebSecure (tm) made WebAgain (tm) obsolete?  Probably, since there is only one design that allows a software program to monitor and protect a web site in an efficient enough way to make it practical.  But, we know that if you are using WebAgain (tm) and you download and try QuickWebSecure (tm) you will be convinced that you paid way too much for WebAgain (tm).

Not only is it simpler to use and set up, it's messages will tell you exactly what has happened to your site.  It takes less computer resources, and, while it doesn't have all of the features of WebAgain (tm), it does contain all the features you need to protect your web presence.

Ok, what features is QuickWebSecure (tm) missing, when compared to WebAgain (tm)?  QuickWebSecure (tm) uses your own protected, local copy of your web site rather than providing numerous archived copies of it.  Why?  Because we designed QuickWebSecure for our own web site and we didn't even consider having multiple archived copies of a web site.    Therefore, you won't find that "feature" in QuickWebSecure (tm).  We also don't provide for a "thorough" comparison of local source web files to those on your web site.  Why?  Well, as the makers of WebAgain (tm) will tell you, this feature takes a lot of time.

Given that the only way to do this is to actually download all the web files from your web site and compare these files byte by byte to one another, we feel that if you want to do this, then you may as well, simply UPLOAD your local copy of files to your web site.  This is a much more direct way of protecting the site.

How do we, then, protect your site?  The same way as WebAgain (tm) does.  We simply look at the dates and file sizes of each web file to see if these items have changed and to see if some other program than QuickWebSecure (tm) made those changes.  As stated earlier, there's nothing magical about this process.  That being said, our system does this, somehow, much more efficiently than does WebAgain (tm).

We are in a beta test mode of our QuickWebSecure, and if you are a webmaster, we invite you to try this software and see how quickly and easily it does the automated surveillance of and protects your web sites.  Simply download QuickWebSecure right now.  You can do so by simply clicking on this link and telling Windows to RUN or OPEN this link.  The software will be installed on your computer automatically and placed into the \QuickWebSecure Folder.  To remove it, simply delete that folder.

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