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QuickDog or QuickDogUK Subscription Page

You may mail a check or Money Order, and use either credit or debit cards or your Paypal account. 

To Pay by Mail - Send your Check or Money Order to:

QuickReckoning, Inc., 

170 Moonlight Dr.

Sequim, WA.  98382

For PAYPAL Users - 

Use the "send money to family and friends" feature of PayPal Account to send funds to the email address:  "money@quickracingsoftware.com".  Please include a note as to which product you are subscribing to.

Note:  Using the "send money to family and friends" saves us 3 to 4% of your subscription price so that's helpful.

For Mastercard/Visa/Discover/Debit Card Users -

The new "Instant Key" Subscription service makes ordering your QuickDog Subscription even faster.  After you make your payment using your credit or debit card or E-Check, QuickDog will automatically install your subscription key for you if you follow the steps shown below.  

To use Instant Key properly, you should be looking at the following QuickDog display (See Figure QD-1).

Figure QD-1

If you are not looking at this display, then CLICK HERE BEFORE CONTINUING.  

Otherwise, select your subscription from the BUY NOW BUTTONS shown below.  

Pay by Credit/Debit Card - See below for payment buttons and subscription descriptions - there are 2 subscriptions available.

INTERNET EXPLORER BROWSER required for "Instant Key".  QuickDog will automatically display with Internet Explorer if you have it installed.  If you use another browser we will receive your order and create your key manually.

1 Year Subscription - Order Table - Note that we offer a complete free 30 day trial of our software so there are no refunds if you purchase a year's subscription to that software.  When clicking below to purchase you are agreeing that there are no refunds.

Also note that the trial included free tipsheets and these are NOT INCLUDED if you purchase Subscription P03E.  US and UK Subscriptions Available.  Both include FREE DATA.  Currently only the $88(USD) version of QuickDog is available for UK Users.  A single subscription purchase for either US or UK allows use of the other software as well.

Order# Yearly Subscription Cost Online Purchase
QuickDog or QuickDogUK Subscription - $88(USD) - This license may be used on up to 3 computers you personally use.  For example, home, work, laptop for travel.

Do as this screen says and close the Internet Explorer program.  At that point you QuickDog automatically install your key for you.  And, upon finishing with that, you will see the display below.  All you do is click EXIT, then restart QuickDog and your new subscription will be installed.

Figure 3 - Exit QuickDog and Your Key is Installed

If your receive a Proof of Payment from us but instant key doesn't work for you, simply write to us immediately (don't wait) To Contact Us Click Here  -  We will manually create your key and send you specific directions to install that key.  DO NOT RETRY THIS PROCESS of Instant Key.

If you do not receive your Proof of Payment from us, then you haven't used our payment process properly and you can repeat the process on this page.

All prices are subject to change without notice.

To Contact Us Click Here  QuickReckoning.Com

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