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QuickReckoning.com has developed software products for such diverse applications as Nuclear Power Training Systems, Process Monitor and Control Systems, Internet Security Software, Educational Software, Golf Course Management Software (see below), and Handicapping Software (see below).

Racing Software - Handicapping Software - Products:

To learn more about or to try our QuickDog Dog Racing Software Product or our QuickHorse Horse Racing Software Product FREE, simply click on its name or description below.

Horse Racing Software - QuickHorse Handicapping Software - Free 30 Day Trial for handicapping horses.  Includes a standard method of handicapping, then allows you to create your own method using Brisnet or TSN data which is available from the internet.

Dog Racing Software - QuickDog Handicapping Software - Free 30 Day Trial for handicapping Greyhound Racing.  Includes Automatic downloading of internet programs/charts, 5 Methods, backtesting, QuickTipper, Variants, export to Dogpak and Spreadsheets. QuickDog also allows you to create your own method in addition to "tuning" the included methods.  Also includes Method Builder so you can develop your own Pencil-Capping Method on your computer.

Third Party Columns for Sale for $1 to $3 per column by QuickDog Subscriber - Contact us if you would like a link to your own Columns you wish to Sell.

Other Products:

Dog Racing Software - Free trial for 30 days to QuickDog Handicapping Software

Horse Racing Software - Free trial for 30 days to QuickHorse Handicapping Software

Internet Based Golf Course Management  and Point of Sale SystemEasy to use software for managing internet sales for one or several courses.  It allows customers to book tee times, and purchase your other inventory via the internet.  This system is cost effective, and includes a free trial period so that you can train to use it and convince yourself that it will work for your Golf Course BEFORE you buy.  Your patrons use a FREE software download  that allows them to book their tee times and buy from your pro shop.  You pay nothing in sales commissions, but, instead, a yearly subscription FEE.  So there's no long term commitment.  Click Here to Learn More

For basketball team coaches!  You build it yourself and it teaches players to use the proper shooting arc - Click Here for More information - Introducing the "MaxiArc" - Basketball Shooting Training Device

For WebMasters!  Protect your web sites from hackers by using QuickWebSecure(tm) - Click Here for More information 

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