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Schools: Teach Essential Math Facts at School and Home for $495 Lifetime Network License!

"Success with higher level math depends on a fundamental grasp of the basics in the early grades."

Do you remember what it was like when you had to learn your addition and multiplication facts?  I do, especially the multiplication facts.  

My dad told me, "ok, you need to recite to me, all the math facts, up to 9 times 10 in 3 minutes or less".  So, I wrote down all the facts on a piece of paper, and just read them aloud over and over again.  And, as I did, almost miraculously I started to learn them.  Today the relationships between numbers is indelibly etched in my consciousness.  The numbers 3, 8, 11, 24...5, 9, 14, 45...7, 9, 16, 63.  I recall the facts without even really thinking about them.  

The technique I used was the combination of speaking and seeing the math facts.  I'd put the paper down, speak or think the answer, then immediately check myself, and correct myself if necessary.  If some of the problems were harder than others, then I would focus on those until I could get them right.  This simple process worked just fine for me.  I had pencil and paper then, but today we all have computers.  

Our QuickMathFacts network based software can add a new dimension to educating today's kids with their math facts.  By combining a random flash card style of math facts problem presentation, a means of scoring, and results charting, QuickMathFacts can present a child's progress over time and thereby motivate that child.  If a child is having problems with specific facts, the computer can focus on and recall those facts automatically to give the child more practice on those problems.  QuickMathFacts uses the "Focus" feature to recall those difficult facts.

By using the school's network, QuickMathFacts allows teachers or other specialists to use their computer to monitor any child's progress, so they may give aid to children having more difficulty than expected.

Quite simply these are the basics of what our QuickMathFacts software provides in both the school classroom and home environment, and it can do so in just a few minutes per day on the part of the student.  Almost without realizing why, children simply start recalling the math facts, and they are amazed.  We've seen it, and you'll see it too.  

One of our client schools, in their third year of using QuickMathFacts just set a user record with over 6000 seats of QuickMathFacts use (6000 startups of the program over their school network during a single school year).  This school has obviously seen results with QuickMathFacts!  Is there any educational software program on your school's network that has seen 6000 uses during a single school year?

Please look over the detailed information we've provided about QuickMathFacts by using the index along the left hand side of the display.  You can simply scroll up the page until you see those handy links.  Using the links you'll be able to install and use the full QuickMathFacts software in either a school network based environment or at home.  You'll also learn that we've priced this product very competitively ($495 for the lifetime networked version with no computer limit plus free home use included) and you'll realize you need nothing else to teach children their basic math facts.

And, even if you want other features, we're ok with that too.  Recently I received an email from Suzanne, an "Intervention Specialist" from Michigan.  She's the genesis of our latest feature, the "Focus" Feature, even though her school hasn't even purchased QuickMathFacts.  It was a good option to have so we quickly added it, and now all our currently registered users can simply download the latest update and begin using it.  No CDs to ship out, no time spent waiting for those CDs!  Do you have some ideas that you think would improve our product?  Let us know!

Thanks for considering QuickMathFacts,

Mike Groves, Support Manager - Quickreckoning, Inc. Portland, Oregon 

























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