QuickReckoning.Com Industrial Applications

Windows based Process Control, Re-hosting, Graphical MMIs

Our latest product is a FORTRAN to C source code converter software product specifically designed for the Simulation Industry.  Many simulators once ran on legacy computer systems.  While these simulators have now been ported to Windows based computers, many are still maintained using FORTRAN and C.  This product can convert all that FORTRAN source code to C and thereby reduce the learning curve of employees and reduce maintenance costs.

Business products range from Process Control and Data Acquisition SDKs (Software Development Kernels), to custom graphical MMIs (Man-Machine Interfaces) to Rehosting SDKs. QuickReckoning.Com is seeking strategic alliances, or OEM licensees worldwide.  Contact: mike dot groves at quickreckoning dot com

Company Bio: Founded 1985, established as a corporation, JONSOG associates, Inc., in 1993. Became QuickReckoning, Inc., in 2006.   Originally founded to provide software consulting to the Nuclear Power Training Industry but has now branched out into personal software because of the internet. 

QuickReckoning.Com provides:

Systems and Software Development Products:

Electronic Commerce/Point of Sale/Internet Products:

Warehouse On-line Order Data System (WOODS)

Services and General Programming Support - QuickReckoning.Com offers custom programming in "C", and various "assembler" languages including MPX-32 Assembler used for ENCORE GOULD RSX and older systems.  It also provides hardware/software consulting.

Contact information:  QuickReckoning.com