QuickReckoning.Com Industrial Applications

10110 Se Clatsop St., Portland, OR., USA

Windows based Process Control, Re-hosting, Graphical MMIs

Business products range from Process Control and Data Acquisition SDKs (Software Development Kernels), to custom graphical MMIs (Man-Machine Interfaces) to Rehosting SDKs. QuickReckoning.Com is seeking strategic alliances, or OEM licensees worldwide.  Contact:  Click Here

Company Bio: Founded 1985, established as a corporation, JONSOG associates, Inc., in 1993. Located in Portland Oregon, USA.   Originally founded to provide software consulting to the Nuclear Power Training Industry. 

QuickReckoning.Com provides:

Systems and Software Development Products:

Electronic Commerce/Point of Sale/Internet Products:

Warehouse On-line Order Data System (WOODS)

Services and General Programming Support - QuickReckoning.Com offers custom programming in "C", and various "assembler" languages including MPX-32 Assembler used for ENCORE GOULD RSX and older systems.  It also provides hardware/software consulting.

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